Wednesday, March 11, 2009

home again, home again, jiggity jig

and so I arrived, with little to no fanfare in Melbourne this morning. I had an overnight flight, and very very little sleep in 24 hours, so I took myself home to Mum and Dad's and promptly went to bed.

Very little to report at this stage.
Heading into the city tomorrow, in an attempt to maintain the travellers' eyes. Taking loads of pics and meeting up with Anita tomorrow evening, which will be ace.

Any and all advice and suggestions on ways to get through this next 6 weeks while holding onto the freedom and autonomy that I have developed and nurtured while I have been away will be greatly appreciated!!


Arron said...

How are you holding up in m-town? Itching to leave again or happy being somewhere familiar?
Iy could be worse, you could be from Canberra or Adelaide lol

Tanya said...

loving being in Melbourne Again!
It is like rediscovering the joys of the city all over again...
I am itching to leave, but mostly so that I can get back on home and start having awesome life times here!!!

And TOTALLY glad I'm not in Adelaide or Canberra!!
fo shizzle!

So inspired by being at home and being all creative that I started a new blog!