Thursday, September 8, 2011

So here we are again...

Travel, my old friend.
It's been awhile.
Sure, we met in Byron Bay for a week at Easter, but it'll be so nice to have a solid, consolidated block of time together.

My adventure begins this week. T-Minus 5 sleeps and counting.

This trip has been in the works since news of a wedding invite reached my ears.

I am taking in Fiji, New York City, Las Vegas, Calgary and Los Angeles, with brief sojourns to both Baltimore and Washington DC.

I have been planning for months; working overtime; booking flights and hotels each time a small amount of money was scrimped, saved and earned. And now, the time is almost here.

Everything's booked, yes, I've started to pack;

now all that's left is the nervous breakdown before I leave.
and travel insurance.
and a hotel in LA,
and working out which cameras to take.

and on that note, I'll leave you waiting in anticipation for the first bit of news once I'm back on the road...