Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ahh Melbourne

So I have been back for awhile, and cultivating my Melbourne lifestyle in preparation for when I am back and settled.
Interesting Melbourne-y stuff I've done:

went to the Ian Potter gallery with Karen
went to the footy with Bec
got a wicked cool old Malvern Star and have started hotting it up.. next stop - red spokes!
been rollerblading
indulging in many hours of planning crafty projects
made a load of badges
went to Laverton Market! Yay!
jam donuts
hanging out alot with my girl, which is awesome
caught a tonne of trams
went to nova's comedy festival broadcast and won two double passes to shows
dinner at Northcote Social Club
drinks at the bar in the lane off Chinatown
Shanghai Dumpling
Vegie Bar

Melbourne is a city I love, but oh, how nice it is to rediscover it with fresh, traveller's eyes.
I am back to settle from the first week in June.
I will be looking for work. Preferably teaching part time, and doing something that is FUN on the other days. Crafting. Market Stalls. Art Shop. Pub. Something where I can meet people, always a big problem as a teacher, learn something, and work to live, not the other way around.

Exciting times!!!

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